Focusing primarily on providing a rich, interactive experience for purchasing customized jewellery, JewelCreator optimizes the ordering and fulfillment process for many types of jewellery, including family, customized gemstone, engraved and laser-engraved jewellery.

JewelCreator provides manufacturers and distributors the power to provide their customers with online sales and interactive ordering tools to increase conversion and maximize sales opportunities for their bespoke jewellery items. The JewelCreator interface allows the end customer to select exactly the designed jewellery piece of their choice. Once their selections are recorded, this information is passed directly to the manufacturer once the purchase order has been confirmed, ensuring accurate production of the final piece through to final delivery.

JewelCreator also offers manufacturers the opportunity to integrate electronic data transfer with their trading partners, including support for XML, text and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) formats. User-friendly fulfillment tools, intuitive shipping integration and reporting are also part of this jewellery supply-chain solution.